About Us

This website  is the culmination of years of experience about sleep issues and sleep technology.

About Us

Who is SleepRex ?

We are a team of researchers and writers who are passionate about helping you get the best quality sleep you can get in your situation by revealing the best solutions and products available.

What We Do

Unlike what else is available online in regards to sleep and sleeping products, we’re not looking at just mattresses and bed-frames. Instead, we provide well researched information on the whole gamut of sleep related topics ranging from the best way to protect your spine while your sleep to the best brands and models to suit your individual needs, sleeping style and budget.

We spend a whole lot of time researching our articles because we know important sleep is to the well-being of any human. We take what we do very seriously.  Us staff at SleepRex are so dedicated to sleep that we are fully committed to helping others learn about all the potential  options and solutions with complete transparency. No fake-news-facts here.

We’re dedicated to surveying all researched information out there and product brands available. We will then be giving you a no nonsense opinion of what solution to use or which is the best company to buy from for any situation. You will only get  the highest quality and most relevant information possible.